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Radiator Cabinets - Classic Range (made to measure only)
Whatever style you are trying to create in your home our Classic Radiator Cabinets are sure to complete the look. Classic radiator cabinets come in four models with a variety of grille and finish options.
Classic radiator covers are made to measure from sturdy 18mm mdf and are delivered ready assembled. 
All radiator cabinets feature a removable front panel for easy fitting and access to your radiator.

radiator cabinet
(click to enlarge)

The pictured cabinets are finished in white with brass effect Nevada mdf grille. See below for options.

(The number of radiator grille panels depends on the width of your cabinet. This is detailed on the price pages)

Elegant Classic with Flutes
(click to enlarge)

Changing grille colour and style transforms the look of your radiator cabinet.
The Standard Classic

(click to enlarge)
This radiator cabinet has a classic style that suits equally both traditional and modern decor.

Order Ref. SC1
(see options below)


The Elegant Classic (Available with or without flutes)
Elegant Classic
(click to enlarge)
The Elegant Classic is a variation of the Standard Classic with a more detailed plinth.

Order Ref. EC2
(see options below)

Elegant Classic with Flutes
(click to enlarge)
As above with fluted sides.

Order Ref. ECF3
(see options below)

(Please see our galleries for more pictures of this model)
The Regal Classic
Regal Classic radiator cabinet
(click to enlarge)
Regal Classic radiator cabinets have wider edges with fluted detailing and plinth styled to complete the look.

Order Ref. RC4
(see options below)

(Please see our galleries for more pictures of this model)

Classic options:

Radiator Cabinet finishes: White, primed, unfinished. (or painted any colour you wish. See FAQs)
(Unveneered mdf is not available in stained or waxed finishes. Veneered versions of some of our models are available as a special order. Please view Gallery 2 for an example.)

Non metal grille finishes: Brass effect, silver effect white, primed, unfinished. (or any colour you wish. See FAQs)

Extensive selection of radiator grilles in various styles and materials available.

As with all radiator covers we can make modifications, usually at no extra cost. e.g. square vents, change in the number of panels...

Top can be Slim Width (does not overhang cover at sides).

Plinth can be Slim Width (does not wrap around side of cover).

Slim Width tops and plinths have no overhang at the sides  (see pictures below). This  allows you to place your cover in areas where the plinth or top would otherwise hit an obstruction such as a door frame or other obstacle.
You may order in slim width simply because you prefer the style.

A slim width plinth could also be chosen for radiators with thermostatic valves.

We can modify the design of our radiator cabinets to suit your liking. For example you may not want a removable front cover or would like a Regal Classic with a Standard Classic Plinth. Contact us with your requirements and we can e-mail you a new order code for your choice.

Please visit our Extras Page for more options.

View of standard top
(Overhangs the radiator cover at front and sides)
standard top

View of plinth
(Adds depth to cover front and sides)
standard plinth
View of slim width top
(Overhangs the cover at front but not at the sides)
slim width top
Slim width plinth
(Adds depth to cover front but not the sides)
slim width plinth


Decorative Regency Brass Grilles for Radiator Covers and Cabinets

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