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Radiator Covers - Extras
Frequently requested additions you may like to include with your radiator covers.
(We can also supply reflective foil separately)
Skirting cut out -  We can perform this task neatly for you. The only thing left for you to do is to unwrap your cover and fix it to the wall.
We cannot perform complex skirting cuts due to the risk of misalignment. We provide a simple vertical cut curving to the horizontal.
Please note the request on our order form with the height and depth of your required cut out.

Price £5.00 per cover.
skirting cut out
Skirting board height match - Our standard plinth is 125mm high. You may like your plinth to match the height of your skirting board. We can match skirting boards in the range of 120mm to 170mm.
Please note the request on our order form with the plinth height that you require. (Skirting cut out not included.)
Price £6.00 per cover.
plinth to skirting height match
Rounded top corners - We can round the front corners at the top of your cover. This may be required if you think the corner may be bumped into. You may simply prefer the style.
(Rounded top corners only apply to our mdf models where the top overhangs the body of the cover)

Price £3.00 per cover.  
rounded radiator shelf corners
Radiator valve key - Trapped air in radiators keeps them from filling with hot water and thus reduces their heating capacity.
With this key you can release the air from the bleed valve at the top of your radiator increasing it's efficiency. This should also reduce the noise of clanging radiators.
Price £1.50 each.
valve key
Heat reflecting foil - Improves the performance of any water filled radiator and is a government efficiency recommendation.
Simply attach to the wall behind your radiator to reflect heat back into the room.
500mm high and cut to your radiators width. Fixings and instructions supplied.
Price £3.50 per cover
energy saving foil
  • "Dear Coverscreen, I have now received my radiator cover, we are very pleased with it. Will recommend you."
  • "Just to say my coverscreen arrived on Monday 18th as promised. I am very pleased with the overall finish of the screen. I would also like to thank you for taking the time to return my calls. Many thanks."

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