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Decorative Regency Brass Grilles for Radiator Covers and Cabinets

Frequently Asked Questions
 (For Made to Measure Radiator Covers)

Q:  Do I have to assemble anything? Are they easy to install? Do you fit them?
Our Radiator Covers are delivered ready-made. Unlike many other companies, there is nothing to assemble. If you have requested a cut for the skirting in your cover, the only thing left for you or a helper to do, is to attach it to the wall. Screws and wall plugs are provided. It is very easy.
We do not offer a fitting service due to the simplicity of the task but are happy to offer any advice or answer any questions you may have.

Q:  Do you have a showroom? How can I obtain more information?
We do not have a showroom as this would lead to an increase in product costs.
Selling our products over the Internet allows us to provide affordable prices without compromising on quality.
We have tried to provide a great number of clear images, often with a "click to enlarge" feature that will help you decide on your chosen design.
Brochures can be requested and we can even provide you with samples of wood finishes if required.
Pricing information is available via our online calculators.
We are available by telephone, fax, email and enquiry forms. 
We are not detached from our customers as with a great many companies nowadays, we are here to help if needed.
(During busy or fully booked periods telephone enquiries may be unavailable) 

Q:  Why should I buy from Coverscreen?
Take a look around our web site and and browse our image galleries. Notice how many different possibilities there are to enable you to create a unique look. 
We offer traditional and modern styles of cabinets and grilles.
Whether you are in a country cottage or a modern apartment we have a model that will suit.
We offer many options such as skirting height match, rounded top corners, complete priming or painting service, extensive choice of grilles, skirting cut outs,  Slim width tops and plinths, customisation and a large made to measure size range.
Our service is friendly, helpful and efficient and our products are made to a high standard.
As well as the domestic market, we also provide for business headquarters, care homes and even churches. We continually receive positive feedback and repeat orders from our customers and are confident that you will be happy with your purchase.

Q: How will I access the radiator for maintenance?
Our MDF radiator covers have a removable front panel (unless requested otherwise). You can easily access your radiator. Simply pull the top vent forward and full access is available.
For Rustic Pine covers, simply raise slightly and pull forward from its catches.

Q: How will a radiator cover effect my radiator’s heat output?
Radiators are often fixed to walls under windows where the heat output can flow up behind curtains.  Also an outside wall can cool the flow of heat before it gets the chance to warm the room.
In most cases a radiator cover will improve the circulation and efficiency of your radiator directing the flow of heat into the room. In fact it is a government energy efficiency recommendation to place a shelf above your radiator. We can also supply insulating silver foil for the wall behind your radiator to make further energy savings.
Please visit our Extras page for details.

Q: Can I cover my storage heaters with your radiator cabinets?
This is something that we cannot answer and needs to be directed to the manufacturers of your storage heater.
Most manufactures have a website that will offer this information or a contact number that can be called for assistance.

Q: Can you paint my radiator cover?
We can paint, prime or provide your cover unfinished for you to finish yourself.
Our pine cabinets can in addition be supplied antique waxed or mahogany stained.
Our standard white is an eggshell (satin) finish after priming.
We can take requests to paint your cover in the colour of your choice if the full colour information is supplied (and is still available). We provide a quality spray finish, unless a requested custom paint type does not permit this. (Specialist paints and multiple custom colours, may incur an extra charge.)

Q: How will the radiator cover fit around my skirting board?

Please see our Extras page for information.

Q: Can you modify your designs to suit my requirements?

We are very flexible with our products and can make changes if required. We already provide a number of plinth and top options, custom plinth heights and rounded top corners if required. Please see our website’s Extras page for more options or contact us with your request.
Q:  I have calculated my cover size but it's not the size I would like. Can I change the recommended clearances?
Our clearances are a recommended guide for good fitting and heat flow. You can increase the clearances around your radiator but if you need to reduce, please check with us first.

Q:  I have an obstacle that will hit the side of the cover. What can I do about this? 
If a Slim Width top and plinth or clearance reduction does not solve the problem, we can usually make other alterations to allow fitting.

Q: I have a thermostatic valve. What should I do?
Although the vast majority of our customers enclose it, the thermostatic valves should ideally remain outside of the radiator cover if they are to sense the temperature of the room correctly.
If you would like to keep the thermostatic valve outside of the radiator cover, the side of the cover that the valve is on will need to fit between the radiator and the valve.
When fitting, a small cut will need to be made in the cover to receive the pipe between the radiator and the valve. 
If there is not at least 20mm clearance between the radiator and the thermostatic valve, you will not be able to fit our covers in this manner.
To allow you the choice of keeping your thermostatic valve outside of your cover, you can choose a slim width plinth on either or both sides of the cover. As there will be no plinth at the side, the cover can slot between the radiator and the thermostatic valve. This is only necessary on some models.
Details can be found in Step 3.

Q:  Your website sometimes states that you are fully booked for a particular item. What does this mean?
Coverscreen display the message when we believe the waiting time for manufacture and delivery of this item is excessive or have manufacturing obligations that divert resources away from the product line.
We apologise for this inconvenience.

Q: Do you deliver outside of the UK Mainland?
Due to the weight, size and fragility of many of our products, insurance and delivery outside of the UK is an expensive option.
We therefore do not accept orders outside of Mainland UK.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions
you may have.


Telephone, Email and Fax Information can be found on our Contact Us page.

Decorative Grilles for Radiator Covers, Cabinets and Interior Screening

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