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Thermostatic valves

Thermostatic valves should ideally remain outside of radiator cover if they are to sense the temperature of the room correctly.

If you would like to keep the thermostatic valve outside of the radiator cover, the side of the cover that the valve is on will need to fit between the radiator and the valve.

The width dimension to measure in this case, is that specified by the arrow labelled "width if thermostatic valve". 
When fitting, you will need to make a small cut in the cover to receive the pipe between the radiator and the valve.  

If there is not at least 20mm clearance between the radiator and the thermostatic valve, you will not be able to fit our radiator covers in this manner.

To allow you the choice of keeping your thermostatic valve outside of our cover, you can choose a slim width plinth on either or both sides of the cover. As there will be no plinth at the side, the cover can slot between the radiator and the thermostatic valve. This is only necessary on some models. For example, you would not need to choose a slim width plinth for a Contemporary cover as it does not have a protruding plinth.

Slim width tops and plinths are able to solve a number of problems that may occur when fitting radiator covers. You may wish to order slim width simply because you prefer the style.

For more information on slim width please click here.

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