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Radiator Cover Panels for Alcoves
A neat and economical solution for covering radiators in your alcoves.
It may not be possible to fit a radiator cover in your alcove due the lack of clearance between the radiator valves and the wall. You may prefer to fill the entire alcove as shown below.
A simple combination of a radiator cover front panel made to the width of your alcove and a top to complete the design. Your alcove has now become an attractive area with a shelf that can display books, ornaments, photo frames or whatever you wish.
before after


Any of our mdf radiator covers can be made as an alcove panel.
Simply browse through our selection of radiator cabinets and choose your design of panel and grille.

Before After


Example (Unpainted Elegant Classic with Flutes (ECF3). Nevada MDF Grille (GN)
ecf3 panel
Alcove panels are made in a choice of 1 or 2 grille panel designs and consist of a front panel and top only.

You can choose any mdf radiator cover design and any mdf grille as the basis for your alcove panel.

If you wish we can also paint your panel and grille to any colour you wish. See FAQs.

To obtain pricing please use our online calculators as usual for the design that you require deduct 30% from the cover price figure.
Grille and painting prices remain as for a full radiator cover.
When ordering add the letters "-AP" to the Cover Ref.
e.g. the pictured model reference is ECF3-AP.

No fixings are supplied with this product.
Due to the wide range of applications for this item, it is left to the customer to install using their desired method which can include the use of wooden batons, brackets or catches.

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